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K. Stamic:                   Concerto for viola and orchestra D major  op. 1

F. A. Hoffmeister:        Concerto  for viola and orchestra D major

W. A. Mozart:               Sinfonie Concertante KV 364 E flat major  for violin, viola and


J. N. Hummel:              Fantasy G minor for viola and orchestra

H. Berlioz:                  Harold en Italie for  viola and  orchestra op. 16

C. Forsyth                    Concerto for viola and orchestra

N. Paganini:               Sonate per la Grand Viola e Orchestra

M. Bruch:                   Kol nidrei  op. 47 for viola and orchestra

C. M. von Weber:         Andante a Rondo Ungarese op. 35 for viola and orchestra

W. Walton:                Concerto for viola and orchestra

M. Bruch                     Romanze for viola and orchestra op. 85

B. Bartók:                 Concerto for  viola and orchestra op. posth. (T. Serly Version)

P. Hindemith:              “Der Schwanendreher” for viola and orchestra

                                  “Trauermusik” for viola and string orchestra

C.M.von Weber            Andante & Rondo Ongarese for viola and orchestra

V. Godár:                   “Dariačangin sad” for viola, cello  and orchestra

J. Pondelíková:            Fantasy Concerto for viola and orchestra


A. Arad:                   “Tikvah” for viola solo

J. S. Bach:                   6 Suites for viola solo (violoncello)

                                  Sonatas and partitas for viola solo (violin)



P. Bagin:                     Suite for viola and piano (premiered on 13th January 2008)

E. Bloch                     Suite (1919)

                                  Suite for viola solo

                                  Suite Hébraïque

J. Brahms:                 Sonata for piano and viola op. 120 No. 1 F minor

                                 Sonata for viola and piano op. 120 No. 2 E flat major

                                 Scherzo op. 4

Y. Bowen                  Phantasie

L. van Beethoven:      Notturno D major  for viola and piano op. 42

H. Blendinger:                      Partita for viola solo

R. Clarke:                 Sonata for viola and piano

                                “Morpheus” for viola and piano          

Edward Elgar:            Sonata for viola and piano  E minor  op. 82                  

G. Enescu:                 Concert piece for viola and piano       

M. Glinka                  Sonata for viola and piano D minor

P. Hindemith:          Sonata for  viola solo op. 25/1

                                Sonata for viola and piano op. 11/4

                                Sonata for viola solo op. 11/5   

I. Hurník:                 Variations on a theme by Beethoven for viola and piano

J. N. Hummel:           Sonata for viola and piano  op. 5/3

J. Jongen:                 Allegro appassionato op. 79 for viola and piano

P. Machajdík:           „Munk“ for viola and piano (premiered on 15th December 2013)

A. Malcys:                Narcissus for viola solo

B. Martinů:               Sonata No. 1 for viola and piano

                                 Rhapsody concerto

F. Mendelssohn         Sonata for viola and piano C minor

W. A. Mozart:           Trio for piano, violin and viola E flat major „Kegelstatt-trio“ KV 498

M. Reger:               Suite for viola solo op. 131d No.  1

                              Suite for viola solo op. 131d No.  2

                              Suite for viola solo op. 131d No.  3

G. Rochnerg           Sonata for viola and piano

A. Rubinstein:        Sonata for viola and piano F minor op. 49

F. Schubert:           Sonata for viola and piano A minor  („Arpeggione“) D 821

R. Schumann:         Märchenbilder for viola and piano op. 113

I. Szeghy:               Ciaconna for viola solo

I. Stravinskij:          Elegy for viola solo        

D. Šhostakovitch:    Sonata for viola and piano       

M. Vieux:               Etude for viola solo No.  5 

H. Vieuxtemps:       Capriccio for viola solo No.  9 op. posth.

                              Sonata for viola and piano B major op. 36

CH. A. Vitali           Chaconne

H. Wieniawski:        Rêverie for viola and piano

E. Ysaÿe:                 Sonata for viola solo op. 28  (violoncello

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